Wide ranging skills and experiences gained from a successful career within IT Service Management, IT Architecting, Project Management and IT Management.
Excellent analytical and diagnostic skills with the ability to provide creative and realistic solutions to a wide range of situations.
20+ years experience within IT, programming, helpdesk, country, regional and division lead.

The ability to work proactive with the business, understand their requirements and translate that into a value add solution is a major strength.


Professional Status

Open to opportunities



Centre de formation
January 2010

HP Storageworks EVA

Centre de formation HP
April 2008

HP Storageworks MSA

Centre de formation HP
March 2008

HP San Essentials

Centre de formation HP
February 2008

VMWare VCP310

Centre de formation HP
October 2007

Microsoft SQL Server

Centre de formation LYON
April 2005

DUT Genie Logiciel

IUT Velizy
September 1995 to june 1997